Fairplay 來自洛杉磯,受到運動器材功能所啟發,在運動服飾上增添了品牌自我特色!取名靈感來自於運動場上各種不乾淨的小動作,小創傷有時也能將任何人擊垮,然而所有創傷都將被時間復原一切!

FairPlay is a Los Angeles based brand, inspired by the functionality of athletic gear while adding a touch of character with intricate sport design. With great fitment and the Jogger Pant silhouette on the rise, FairPlay aims to deliver that same aesthetic and comfort to those with various PLAY abilities. The array of fabrics and unique treatments applied to this soon-to-be classic will set you apart from everyone. 

Alpha Industries 

自 1959 年第一間工廠在美國田納西州諾克斯維爾設立開始,通過美國國防部審查的阿爾法軍用夾克,融合軍用與技術,加上阿爾法夾克高品質的材料研發、促使產品擁有更好的設計、材質及可靠性,耐用度更是通過層層嚴苛天候的考驗。

When Alpha Industries began operations in October 1959, it initially survived by completing subcontracting work for several Knoxville apparel contractors. However, Alpha's founder, Samuel Gelber, knew his company’s survival depended on securing more consistent work, so he immediately began to bid on outerwear contracts under the Alpha Industries name.


Fordma的設計是結合專業的騎車功能和時尚的元素,它使用了我們在市場上可以找到的最堅韌耐用的材料,例如韓國的1000D Kodra 尼龍,軍用級的 Duraflex 扣具,貨車用的帆布 Tarpaulin,等等。。。配合嚴謹的製作工序,全手工製造,生產出高品質和功能性產品。

Fordma is more than just another bag company. We formed by cyclists, designers and bag experts who already had 20 years in bag manufacturer experience. We believe Quality is a basic standard and requirement in nowadays. The bag should be made in details and functions to fulfill your needs. To achieve the goal, we used the toughness material in market.


The devil is in the detail 中文就是「魔鬼藏於細節裡」。簡單來說一件事情的成敗就是決定於細節上面。 DETAIL將重視細節,延伸至品牌精隨裡,配色,用料,剪裁面面俱到!

"DETAIL" is established in 2014 which creates to improve life. It staples with great fit and quality construction.


YNR=Young And Rich , 源自美國 LA , 設計師來自英, 美, 日, 台多領域和時裝與街頭文化推手, 目前主要產品以襪子為主, 主要的單品特色以高搭配性為訴求, 風格遊走於時尚與街頭之間, 展現令人相當激賞的平衡!

YNR = Young And Rich, from the US LA, designers from Britain, America, Japan, and Taiwan in various fields and push the hand fashion and street culture, the main products in socks, the main characteristics of a single product for the demands of high-mix, style walk in between fashion and street, to show it is quite appreciative of the balance!



VAST 就字面上來説為寬廣遼闊的意思! 我們不拘泥於任何型式的類型 我們可以幽默也可以嚴肅 我們可以創新也可以復古 我們以飛鷹之姿態表達 傲翔在未來,俯視著過去 帶給大家更不一樣的觀感。

VAST can literally mean the broad expanse ! We are not bound by any type of type of humor we can also be serious , we can also be retro- innovation of the attitude we have to express Eagle Sail in the future, a plan to bring you more of the past is not the same perception.